Dear Takeshi,

We have gathered some pictures and will send you a package for your museum. What address should I mail my package to?  We are so thankful for your friendship and our partnership with puppets and ventriloquism.  I have attached the memo I will be sending you along with some additional pictures and two DVD’s for the museum.  Blessings on your exciting project!

Liz and Dale VonSeggen
Click to Download

Dear IKEDA-sensei,

Thank you very much for e-mailing me.

I definitely support you from the bottom of my heart.

My message

Mr Takeshi Ikeda is a gifted and talented ventriloquist dedicating his life to spreading ventriloquism in Japan.

I was honored to help him as an interpreter many times when welcoming many ventriloquists from various countries.

I always admire his enthusiasm for ventriloquism.


IKEDA  Sensei, you can edit my message as you like.

Thank you.

Yukie Nobutsune

My dear Brother Takeshi
Both Buddy and I support your project. We would be honored to assist or help you if you'd like our service.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Your family
Buddy and Diana

Hello, Dear Takeshi !


I promised I would be back soon Sorry for the long time it took to me


Creating a Museun of ventriloquism in Japas is a really great idea. Venthaven is sure a marvellous museum, but it is based on american culture before all.

Europeans seem to forget about ventriloquism and ventriloquists. Jeff Dunham performed in Paris a few years ago (with immediate translation on screen), but the Olympia was only half full


You certainly know American people use ventriloquism to convince children that God does exist If using ventriloquism to teach children how to behave, to respect people and things is all right in my opinion, because it is the basis of our civilization, I think dishonnest to fool childre to make them believe in an hypothetic god


If the technics are the same to give an impression of life to a puppet everywhere in the world, puppets are different, and the whole backgroud (physical and moral I mean) is different too.

Then, yes, yes a thousand times to a real museum for Japanese Art of Ventriloquism


I of course dont see how I could help for this purpose. Do you want me to contact my friends (ventriloquists of course) to invite them to tell you the way they approve your projetc ?


I send you my best wishes for a great work, a marvellous museum !


Being happy you are my friend, I congratulate your for your Idea !





Rue de Jéhonville, 18



Dear Shu and Takeshi

 First I’m sorry that I didn’t write Shu in my e-mail,

Shu you know that I love you and admire your work!

It is great that you moved to Yamanashi-ken Fuefuki ,it seemed as if it Is a great place to live with the peach and grape.  

 I myself live in the north of Israel in a little village on a lovely green mountain, and every week I work 2 days in the big city in Tel Aviv.

And yes I have a wonderful memory from the JVA festival and friends…

We will keep in touch, Thank you so much for the invitation to your home!

If you think that I can help in some way I would like to help.

I’m sending my website with some new video.

Hope to see you soon

A big love to Shu


Dear Mr. Takeshi my friend,

Your e-mail is very touching and yes! I will write to you and send you pictures.

I think that it is a great Idea, and you as the best and leader Japanese ventriloquist, should create the museum.

I will thank you all my life that you bring me to Japan, to perform and meet Prof. Hara and lecture about the puppet therapy.

 Japan, I think is the only place in the world,  that ventriloquism is side by side with the therapy.

If you can sent me a format or example how do you want me to write?

I wish you a great luck. You deserve something special (TV show most of them in Hebrew sorry)

Dear Takeshi,

Sorry for the delay in reply.I was traveling out of country and returned today.Here is my message for you

"My Ventriloquist brother from Japan Takeshi Ikeda has really made the art of Ventriloquism popular in Japan.He has established Japan Ventriloquist Association in May 2000 and has invited me to Japan in the year 2002.I think his project of Japan Ventriloquism History Museum is great and I think everyone should support him to achieve his dream as this will be great archieval for ventriloquism fans as well as people at large who can see different ventriloquist dummies from around the world.My best wishes to you for this."


Ramdas Padhye, INDIA.

Thank you Takeshi San, 

It is indeed my pleasure and honor to be included in your JVA History Museum Project.  Japan has always held a great interest to me since I first visited in the 1950's.  My experience at the JVA Convention was amazing, and I was so impressed by the communication between languages through an interpreter.  At first is seemed impossible to me, but the response from an all Japanese audience was simply amazing.  Since retiring from performing, I have coached more than 50 aspiring ventriloquists, and I feel, as you do, that ventriloquism is a great educator for all ages, cultures, and language differences.

 You, Takeshi San, have opened a door to wonderful communications, education, and entertainment.  Here's wishing you continued success.

 Sammy King

Ohayo Gozaimasu, Takeshi-san!

O genki desu ka? It was such a pleasure to receive your email! I am always impressed by the great work that you do to promote the art of ventriloquism in your country. You are a man of great vision and ambition (in the good sense)! I wish you a lot of success in your venture.

I would be honored to contribute a photo and message to your museum. Do you have a deadline for the photo and message? I am currently working on a new Groark puppet. The new Groark has wings and his head was made with a 3D printer. I have been able to add extra mechanisms in his head (also made with 3D printing) to control his eye blinks and have his eyes move from side to side. It is quite impressive, I think. However, I do not have professional photos of the two of us yet.  I hope to have them soon after the first of the new year.

I have some good news to share,,, I have been selected as an Artist-in-Residence for a grant in Northern Ireland for next summer. I will spend 3 months sharing puppetry and storytelling skills with the good folks of Omagh and Fermanagh. My wife and I are very excited about this special opportunity to share our talents in the land of my ancestors.

Please give my regards to Shu-san. I hope someday to return to Japan to share my shows there again. Best Wishes!

Randel McGee


I will send you a photo and message as soon as I have new photos, after the first of the year. Where is your new home? Yamanashi? I wish you great success with your next JVA Festival in October! I will still be visiting Europe then, but will be thinking about you and telling the vents I meet in Europe about you and the JVA. I have recently become acquainted with a talented vent from Denmark named Peter Norgaard. You can find him on line. He was recently on a European Talent show. If you write to him tell him I referred him to you. :-)

Mata aimashoo!


Dear Takeshi (and Shu),

I hope both of you are well.  It was joyful to hear from you.

You have put a lot of hard work into establishing JVA and now you see a future museum like VentHaven in Japan!

It would be a place where international ventriloquist could meet.

I remember fondly the time when Dale, Liz, Judy, Buddy Bob, me and Jeremie attended the JVA festival.

Was that JVA5?  (I don’t remember which one it was).

I would consider it an honor to be included in your effort with a photo and message.

Please let me know the next steps in the process.

Blessings to you and Shu! 


Hi Takeshi, 

Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well my friend

I am so happy to hear you are helping our Ventriloquist art form along. And I thank you! 

Yes, you have my approval and my message is as follows: 

Very few really know the power of Ventriloquism as an art form. And I have been "blessed" with the ability to use this wonderful art of expression to make a living. But more importantly have had the opportunity to make so many people smile, laugh and become instantly happy in the moment. 

 I am sorry to say, that when I first began my start as a ventriloquist performer. I was needy 😟. I was trying to get something from my performance(s). After a short amount of years performing, I then realized my true feelings and nature in relations to what I was doing. 

 I quickly learned, I was bringing happiness and joy to others through this art. And that has been my agenda ever since. The point is, Ventriloquism is a beautiful way to connect our innate ability to create laughter, joy and deeper connection to ourselves. All through a art form that is as old as man. 

 I am thankful to be part of this art and encourage any and all other future ventriloquists to continue on this path and on the shoulder of those before us. You will find that by providing joy to other from this art is more fulfilling than any other of life's en-devours.

 John Pizzi 

Dear Takeshi, 

Thank you for your email. Sorry for the delay, but I've been out of my office for a while.

I am excited to hear about your project of a ventriloquist Museum. I think that is a wonderful idea! You have my permission and blessing to use any photos of me that you would like.  

It was a thrill to be a part of your very first ventriloquist convention in Japan. You have done a marvelous job in keeping ventriloquism alive in your country. thank you so much for all you do to further ventriloquism throughout the world.

I hope to see you again soon! 

Sincerely, your friend,


Dear Takeshi: 

Thank you so much for your email describing the Ventriloquist Museum you hope to establish in Japan.  I fully endorse and encourage such an endeavor as I truly believe ventriloquism is thriving in the world today and will continue to evolve and grow into the future.  Preserving our vent history for future generations will ensure that the artform, and strides in skill and creativity, will not be lost in the fog of passing time.  I thank you very much for your commitment to binging a broader understanding of ventriloquism to the world—so that it may be appreciated as more than just a form of entertainment, but also as a means of connecting and communicating with people in a completely unique and worthwhile manner. 


Thank you for sharing your vision with me, and I absolutely hope that it will become a reality very soon.   

Kindest regards,

Dan Horn


Dear friend Tekeshi -San,

I would be greatly honored to send a letter of encouragement and approval for.your very worthy project plus a photo for the museum.  
Would you want the letter on my own personal stationery letterhead or the ConVENTion stationery letterhead?

Also I am in New York until next week as Jody’s mother has recently died and we are making funeral arrangements.  Can I send the letter and photo then?  I am guessing you want the original letter and not a download from the internet.

Again, Tekeshi - San I am very honored and happy to help you obtain your dream.

Your vent friend,


Hello Mr Takeshi San,

I think establishing a vent museum in Japan is a great idea. Not all Asian vents can go to Kentucky, USA but a lot go to Japan. I for one will surely visit it once it is already open.

I would like to donate a Philippine made puppet plus photo of me and my cast of puppets and a message.

Let me know how else I can be of help to your awesome plan. I am so excited!

Thanks for making me a part of history.


Wanlu Lunaria

Ventriloquist/ Puppeteer

The Philippines



I would be honoured to help. When I am back in my office I will email you. 

I will mail a signed photo to you as well. 

Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters

Canada's Favourite Family Ventriloquist

(604) 364-7294

For booking please email:

The International Show started Saturday morning off and I sure the conventioneers were glad by this point to just sit back and be entertained. opened the show followed by Nina Conti from the United Kingdom, Alex Reeve from France, and Takeshi Ikeda from Japan. Stevo Schuling smoothly emceed once again. Immediately following the show, all the performers sat down for an International Panel Discussion.

 Hi Takeshi,
    The news we get from your country are not really good. I hope everything is all right for you and your family.
    We Europeans have learned someting about Japanese People : most of you remain human, respectful of any person around you, and that is the source for a huge respect from us to you. No wild scenes in your destructed villages and towns. That is great.
    I had no idea of how a Japanese man (or woman) could be in life. I had never thought I could one go to Japan. I am sure now I would like to meet that extraordinary country.
    I wish all the best to you and all Japanese people. The worst situation for us is to think we can do nothing to improve your situation. I there is anything I can do from here, just tell me...
    With deep friendship,
(Frego & Folio)

Dear Takeshi,

What should I say, I can't stop thinking of you in this terrible situation. I hope for a miracles that will help.

First I want to invite you to Israel if you can\or want to take a break from the hard times.

When the war in Israel was in the north (where I live) four years ago and the missiles fall all over, after 3 days I took my 3 children and ran away to the south to Clair my friend, my husband stay in our house with his old parents . We have been 9 people in a little flat for 75 days!

I want to encourage  you and all you family and friends in this hard time.

I understand from you that you held yamanashi  Eiwa University a puppet therapy training, it is great because from my experience puppet therapy can help a lot in trauma situations.

Yesterday I gave a lecture in the Foreign Ministry here in Israel about my work, and I show pictures from Africa and from Japan (Gunma Hospital)with Pro. hara and about you and our connection with JVA and JPTA, they told me that they want to send me to Japan If I can help when thing will be clear. What do you think?

I wish you health, better times, all the best for Shu  

Thinking about you with love


Dear Takeshi san,
We are so glad to hear that you are all okay.
 We were concerned.  Even in the midst of
tragedy and chaos, life goes on.
When I went for my heart bypass surgery 5 years ago,
I took Elwood with me.  Not only did he help to normalize
my hospital time and speed up my recovery, he also helped the nurses
and other patients feel better.
After Hurricane Andrew, I took Elwood to talk to the children
in Florida.  Again he gave them a break from the destruction all
I am sure that you and all of my Japanese ventriloquist friends
can also help reduce some of the stress for both the children
and the adults.
At my Temple we are praying for the Japanese people to have
a speedy recovery from this horrible tragedy.
Please keep us informed.
Sam and Mary

Our brother Takeshi and Sister Shu,
After watching the news for the past 4 days, our hearts are sadden. Buddy and I would like to register for the JVA convention in Oct and pay our own way. Buddy also wants to do a free show to support JVA and the people of Japan. Please let me know if the convention will continue and how much is the registration and hotel cost. I want to pay for it myself.
Please let me know.
Our prayers for you, Shu and JVA members. We miss you and love you all so very much.
Your family, 
Buddy and Diana

Dear Takeshi and Shu,
I am so sadden from the lost of all the Japanese people who died. I want you know how grateful that you and Shu are safe. I want to send some things to you for you to give to people who will need them. They say it can take days for it to arrive, but I will send them next week. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
I want to make a trip as a volunteer as soon as I get approval to depart, but flights are not easy right now.
Thank you so very much to keep me up to date.
Our love to you and Shu and all our friends and family in Japan.
Your Sister,

Hi Takeshi san and Shu san,

You are in our prayers!!!

We are concerned about your safety and well-being

Please let us know if you are okay!

Is there anything we can do here to help? 

Definitely we pray for you!!


Dear Takeshi and Shu,

How are you, your family, your friend and college in Japan?

I saw The terrible Tsunami in Japan, on the T.V and I think of you and all the nice people I mate In Tokyo.

I hope to hear from you, and I wish that you will pass(IC)(B threw the hard time you're going throw.

I wish you health

All the courage